Sunday, March 21, 2010

Call for papers: LSA 2011 Organized Session on Biolinguistics

In conjunction with the LSA Special Interest Group on Biolinguistics, we invite the submission of abstracts for a proposed Organized Session on Biolinguistics at the 2011 LSA Annual Meeting (Pittsburgh, January 6-9). The goal of biolinguistics is to explore theories of language that are biologically plausible as part of an effort to explain how the faculty of language arises ontogenetically and phylogenetically. We invite abstracts on any aspect of the biolinguistic enterprise, keeping in mind that the Special Interest Group on Biolinguistics was founded in part to “contribute to the field by helping to identify what makes biolinguistics ‘bio’ (and ‘linguistic’), initiate discussions on how it differs from previous models of generative grammar (and how it doesn’t), debate whether generative grammar is actually a prerequisite… and so on.”

Abstracts should be between 200-500 words and need not be anonymous. (The LSA reviews Organized Session proposals non-anonymously.) Please, no more than one single-authored and one joint-authored abstract per person. All participants are required to be LSA members. However, anyone may submit an abstract, so long as they join the LSA if they ultimately present.

We plan to have a symposium format, so if you are interested in being a discussant, please also let us know by April 15.

Abstracts are due April 15, 2010.

Please send abstracts, preferably in .PDF format, to:

Kleanthes Grohmann –

Bridget Samuels -

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